Thrive Lawn Care Chatham IL

Our story – Thrive Lawn Care was founded by David Gentle, father of two and husband to Anna Gentle. By his junior year in college, David had worked for two lawn care companies in Wisconsin and Illinois, so he had several years of experience in the industry under his belt. While he loved doing the work, he wanted more and was unsatisfied with how the majority of the industry treated their clients. In the fall of 2020 while still in college, he decided that he would start his own lawn care company with equipment in the back of a red 2006 Chevrolet Equinox in the hopes of serving his clients on a more personal level.

Our Mission

At Thrive Lawn Care, our mission is simple – to exceed expectations through exceptional lawn care and landscape services. This mission gives us purpose and fulfillment in what we do on every property.

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